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Traditional working plaster mould

Instructions to make the cast

Position of the patient: lying down or seated with the leg extended and the foot at a 90 angle.

Place an elastic strip on the dorsal area of the foot will allow the later cutting of the plaster.

Apply cream or oil on the foot,ankle and leg to avoid sticking later.

Apply circular bandages covered in plaster from the tips of the toes up to where the malleoli are covered.

Keep the foot in a 90 position and move the toes up gently until the plaster has set.

Mark a line from top to bottom in the same direction as the elastic strip from the ankle to the toes.

Mark various lines perpendicular to the first one.

Cut the mould along the longitudinal line,open it and take out the plaster boot.

Close the mould with more plaster bandages positioning it so that the perpendicular lines coincide.

Send the cast together with the measurements of the foot and a description of the footwear along with any other relevant comments.

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