Orthopedic footwear

Mendivil offers a wide range of orthopedic footwear in order to satisfy both the prescriptor preferences and patient’s needs. Our footwear adapts to different foot shapes and irregularities and is part of the basic treatment of pathologies such as diabetic and rheumatic foot.

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Boot Mod. 75.330 Navy

Stock 24h

Boot Mod. 76.200 Navy

Boot Mod. 79.022 Navy

Boot Mod. 79.027 Black

Casual Mod. 99.008 Brown

Stock 24h

Gibson Mod. 35.210 Navy

Stock 24h

Gibson Mod. 36.200 Navy

Gibson Mod. 39.005 Navy

Gibson Mod. 39.007 Navy

High Mary Jane Mod. 69.002 Manaos

High Sandal Mod. 59.005 Red

Stock 24h

Mary Jane Mod. 25.400 Navy

Mary Jane Mod. 29.009 Manaos

Sandal Mod. 19.003 Royal

Sandal Mod. 19.008 Orchid

Sport boots Mod. 79.504 Black-Grey

Sport boots Mod. 79.504 Gorbi-Grey

Sport boots Mod. 79.504 Soan

Sport boots Mod. 79.508 Black

Sport boots Mod. 79.512 Burgundy-Pink

Sport boots Mod. 79.512 Navy-White

Sport shoes Mod. 39.527 Gold

Sport shoes Mod. 39.514 Navy-Pearl

Sport shoes Mod. 39.519 Orchid-Green

Sport shoes Mod. 39.525 Salmon

Sport shoes Mod. 39.532 Navy-Grey

Sport shoes Mod. 39.536 White

Sport shoes Mod. 39.537 Pink

Sport shoes Mod. 39.538 White

Sport shoes Mod. 39.539 Tartufo

Sport shoes Mod. 39.541 Tartufo-Navy

Sport shoes Mod. 39.542 Gold-White

Sport shoes Mod. 39.543 Gorbi