Orthopedic footwear

Mendivil offers a wide range of orthopedic footwear in order to satisfy both the prescriptor preferences and patient’s needs. Our footwear adapts to different foot shapes and irregularities and is part of the basic treatment of pathologies such as diabetic and rheumatic foot.

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Boot Mod. 726 Black

Booty Mod. 89.509 Crystal

Casual Mod. 89.153 Crystal

Casual Mod. 89.154 Arce

Casual Mod. 89.155 Nacar

Casual Mod. 89.156 Tartufo

Casual Mod. 89.157 Crystal

Casual Mod. 89.159 Black

Stock 24h

Gibson Mod. 85.110 Black

Stock 24h

Gibson Mod. 85.160 Black

Stock 24h

Gibson Mod. 85.430 Black

Mary Jane Mod. 89.042 Gold

Mary Jane Mod. 89.044 Nacar

Mary Jane Mod. 89.045 Bronze

Mary Jane Mod. 89.046 Grey

Mary Jane Mod. 89.047 Silver

Mocassin Mod. 89.158 Crystal

Mocassin Mod. 89.161 Crystal

Stock 24h

Sandal Mod. 86.160 Black

Sandal Mod. 9.021 Red

Sandal Mod. 9.022 Nacar

Sandal Mod. 9.023 Navy

Sandal Mod. 9.024 Moreda

Stock 24h

Sport shoes Mod. 36.900 Black

Stock 24h

Sport shoes Mod. 36.910 White

Sport shoes Mod. 36.920 White-Navy

Stock 24h

Sport shoes Mod. 36.940 White

Sport shoes Mod. 39.501 White-Pink

Sport shoes Mod. 39.511 Navy-Pearl

Sport shoes Mod. 39.518 Navy-Pearl

Sport shoes Mod. 39.524 White

Sport shoes Mod. 39.531 Navy-White

Sport shoes Mod. 39.533 White

Sport shoes Mod. 39.534 Black

Sport shoes Mod. 39.535 White