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Medical Supervision

Our footwear is manufactured under the supervision of a doctor specialized in orthopedics and two orthopedic technicians, thus guaranteeing designs and materials suitable for preventing and treating foot pathology.

CE marking

The CE marking is the declaration of the medical device manufacturer that a product meets the essential requirements of all European Directives and its a legal requirement to market a medical device in the European Union. It represents the sign of quality and safety that obtain those products that meet the requirements to be used in patients with all the guarantees.

Operating licenses

Mendivil is currently training its staff and adapting documentation, processes and facilities to the new Medical Device Regulation MDR 2017/45 , that will enter into force on May 26, 2021.


INESCOP is a leading technology center in the footwear sector, in charge of research and development of new footwear technological initiatives. Created in 1971, this institute has been supporting the footwear industry for 50 years. Mendivil is a member of its board of directors and has worked together for the research and development of new materials and their applications in therapeutic & orthopedic footwear.
Set of templates

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