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CAD/CAM System

Makes possible the manufacture of made to measure footwear using the following equipment :

3D Foot Scanner.

Using photographic and laser optic technology, the geometry of the foot can be taken in seconds.

Program for Lasts.

This program allows us to make a digital analysis of the measures and shape of the foot, as well as a comparative visual study with different lasts.

Program for the Design of the Model.

Allows the adaptation of an adjusted model on a standard last to a personalised last based on the patient. In this way we are able to make the patterns for the cutting process.

Making the Patients Lasts

Once the last has been designed on the computer we transfer the data to a carve machine, which by means of a polishing action, makes a last based on the patient with an extreme degree of accuracy.

Making the Made To Measure Footwear.

After the cutting process we proceed to the assembly on the patients last, the attachment of the sole and the finishing of the shoe.

3D Foot Scanner. Program for Lasts. Program for the Design of the Model. Making the Made To Measure Footwear. Pol. El Rubial, calle 2, n13      03400 VILLENA (ALICANTE)     SPAIN 96 534 35 78 96 580 82 59