Mission, vision and values
What is Mendivil ?
Mendivil was founded as a family business and its aim from the start was to become our customers’ chosen brand in therapeutic footwear by providing innovative products of the finest quality and the best service. Our approach is based on ever greater respect and commitment toward our customers and suppliers, creating a healthy and sustainable environment thanks to the dedication of all our staff.
Our Path
Mendivil is a company dedicated to foot health through the manufacture of orthopedic footwear. It was founded in 1935 as a family business near Bilbao. In 1968 the firm moved to Villena, a city with a powerful footwear industry. In the 70s thanks to the close collaboration with the podiatry sector, Mendivil specializes in the manufacture of orthopedic footwear and during the 80s grew remarkably in parallel to the great development of orthopedics in Spain. In 1990 its internationalization began and in the last 20 years it has incorporated innovative manufacturing CAD/CAM systems and efficient “lean manufacturing” processes that reduces the lead-time and allows the customization of the product. Thanks to this, Mendivil is considered one of the therapeutic footwear leading companies worldwide.
High tech & lean manufacturing
Mendivil manufactures several ranges of orthopedic footwear focused on the prevention and treatment of foot pathology. We work with the Biomechanical Institute of Valencia (IBV) for the research & development of specific footwear for each pathology. In addition, we make a continuous evaluation of our products thanks to the analysis of the main components of footwear carried out by INESCOP, resulting in innovative and quality products. In application of the different European Directives on medical devices CE, we adapted our facilities to the new regulations, applying strict quality and tracking controls, offering both to prescriptors and patients therapeutic footwear absolutely guaranteed.


Mendivil is formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals who develop and manufacture orthopedic footwear that adapts to patient needs.


We have a wide range of orthopedic and therapeutic footwear to meet the needs of the patients.
Set of templates

Request templates for professionals

If you are an orthopedic or podiatry professional, please request a free set of templates in order to know the size and width of the foot and thus be able to manufacture insoles perfectly adapted to our footwear.