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therapeutic footwear

Find the ladies footwear collection with models in various designs and colors suitable for treating foot pathologies. SEE PRODUCTS
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therapeutic footwear

Mendivil has a wide range of gents footwear made with top quality materials to prevent and treat foot pathology. SEE PRODUCTS
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therapeutic footwear

Trainers manufactured with natural high quality leathers which adapts to typical sport movements ensuring foot health. SEE PRODUCTS
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footwear therapeutic

Are you looking for suitable footwear for children ? Mendivil offers a wide range of therapeutic footwear products specifically designed to maintain the health of growing feet. SEE PRODUCTS
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Splint & orthopedic

Mendivil offers a splint and several boots for the treatment of clubfoot (Talipes equino varus). SEE PRODUCTS
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Design your

Design your own shoes in 4 simple steps. Select the model, the last, the color and the sole unit to get the footwear you really like. Because well-being is not incompatible with fashion. SEE PRODUCTS

Our differential attribute
Finest therapeutic footwear

Mendivil was founded as a family business in 1935 and its aim from the start was to become our customers and patients´ chosen brand in therapeutic footwear by providing innovative products of the finest quality and the best service. We are specialized in the manufacture of therapeutic footwear for delicate feet , with natural stretch leathers on vamp, highlighting footwear for diabetic and rheumatic feet. You will also find in our catalogue trainers special for insoles as well as a wide range of pediatric footwear for insoles and corrective footwear (straight last and AV last). We also manufacture splints and special orthopedic boots for the treatment of clubfoot (talipes equino varus).




All Mendivil models have CE marking that is the declaration of the medical device manufacturer that a product meets the essential requirements of all European Directives and it is a legal requirement to market a medical device in the European Union.
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Quality seals



Mendivil is a member of the board of directors of Inescop, the Spanish Footwear Technology Center. This innovation and technology center, with more than 45 years of experience, works for the research and development of footwear, essential for the design and manufacture of Mendivil therapeutic footwear.

Set of templates

Request templates for professionals

Are you an orthopedic and / or podiatry professional? Request a <strong>free set of templates</strong> to know the size and width of the foot and thus be able to manufacture insoles perfectly adapted to our orthopedic and therapeutic footwear.



Learn more about the latest news in orthopedic footwear and relevant information on the health and well-being of the foot.